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About RR Global Group

The RR Global story begins with a wire. A single strand of metallic resilience that taught one person to connect to another, and another, and another until it brought the whole world together. Four decades ago, our first venture – RR Shramik was born out of a spirit of innovation in technology. And that’s the spirit that fuels us even today. Today, RR Global, an 800 million USD corporation, has grown beyond cables and wires to foray into various engineering and technology ventures including consumer durables, electrical switches and wiring devices. Being at the vanguard of technology ignites a progressive state of mind – and that enables us to create new realities each day. Since we began, our focus has been on innovation, but our ethos is grounded in quality, reliability, and creating safe environments for everyone. Creating a better today and paving the road to a better tomorrow, as we turn the wheels of our ever-progressing nation, India.


Ram Ratna Wires Ltd.
(RR Shramik)

India's 2nd largest super enameled copper winding wires manufacturer. With over 25 years of industry presence, we have built trust and loyalty amongst customers with quality and consistency.

RR Kabel Ltd.

Known for manufacturing the most comprehensive range of cables, wires, switches and switchgear. With unparalleled expertise and industry experience, RR Kabel is a respected and celebrated brand in the industry.

RR Parkon

Pioneers in building automated multilevel car parking systems by using the latest technology and automated processes. Through automated machinery in the factories, products are ensured to be of the highest quality at their state of the art and India's largest manufacturing facility.


Padmashree Rameshwarlal Kabra

Our Founder & Chairman, Rameshwarlal Kabra  revered as ‘Bapuji’, firmly believes that hard work, transparency, and innovation are the prime ingredients for success. His principles have nurtured RR Global into a socially responsible corporation, with trust and goodwill at its core. He had an altruistic vision from earlier times of giving back to society, which he has fulfilled by being the channel of growth for hundreds of students over the years; and for Friends for Tribal Society which is voluntary organisation committed towards upliftment of rural and tribal masses in India. Shri Bapuji lives his life with a simple yet profound philosophy:  - " Do good and good will come to you. "