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Leadership Team

Founder – Kabel Buildcon

Mahesh Kabra – Founder, Kabel Buildcon

“When your work is driven by elevating the lifestyle of souls around you, your work becomes your purpose, setting landmarks becomes your goal and transforming skylines the motto of your company.” – Mahesh Tribhuvan Kabra.

Mr. Mahesh Kabra laid the foundation of Kabel Buildcon fourteen years ago to exemplify excellence in real estate and infrastructure. He is the driving force behind the innovation and quality that Kabel stands for.

After investing decades working in the real estate industry, Mr.Kabra visualized a real estate brand that epitomizes exemplary architecture, immaculate execution, and high-quality sustainable infrastructure. And thus, Kabel Buildcon was created. As someone committed to his visions and virtues, he takes hands-on involvement in every project and is often seen walking around construction sites sharing his wisdom knowledge, vision of long term sustainability as much as he can.

Vidhi Kabra – Director

Builders of a progressive lifestyle should be led with a progressive mindset, open to change and new ideas. Ms. Vidhi Kabra drives the Kabel Buildcon team to achieve greater heights and helps them dive deeper to understand what the brand stands for. With a keen eye for details, Vidhi Kabra imbues a culture of high standard of quality in every aspect of our work.

She envisions spaces like a mother raises her child - clear vision and strong values in place. Her confidence and conviction in the brand ethos helps nurture the roots & wings of Kabel Buildcon. Her warm personality and clarity of mind makes her a leader that the team loves to work with.